DOCTOR WHO: The new SONIC screwdriver is here!

Hello whovians! Yesterday a new video popped up on the official Doctor Who’s Youtube Channel to announce that the New Sonic Screwdriver is finally on sale!

In the video they explain how the production process goes and what it looks like in the early steps of the whole process, so enjoy the video and let us know if you have Doctor Who’s gadgets and what they are.
I personally have a keychain with eleventh’s sonic a t-shirt and LEGO like collectibles but I want to expand my collection OBVIOUSLY!

The Twelfth Doctor, claimed to have abandoned sonic screwdrivers in favor of wearable technology like his sonic sunglasses (Under the Lake) However, after returning to Gallifrey and departing again, he stopped using them, as his TARDIS fashioned a new one for him as a gift. (Hell Bent)
What do you think about the new Sonic? Do you like it?

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