Outlander: “Prestonpans” best moments [ENG]

Hello everyone! It’s monday and here we are, giving you a little time before recapping the last heart-breaking (as always) episode of Outlander.
Here they are, the best moments of “Prestonpans“, the 10th episode of series 2.


SPOILER ALERT. Obviously the article contains MAJOR spoilers!


The Battle.
The show prepared us to the actual battle since its very beginning. And here we have it: the Highlanders fighting for Bonnie Prince Charles and his foolishness.
I liked it very much because we can appreciate the sense of “being home” on the part of the Highlanders, these are the first stages of the war and the element of surprise is still something they can count on. But it’s pretty obvious that we need to prepare for the worst in the episodes that will follow.

“The rebellion Jamie and I had labored so hard to prevent was now upon us. Our only hope was that somehow we could change the outcome. I feared in my heart that history would not be rewritten. But no matter how many battles we may win, victory would forever remain out of reach.”

Fergus losing even more of his innocence.
During episode 7, we learnt that Fergus was raped by Black Jack. We felt sorry for him and his lost innocence and for how that would affect his life.    In “Prestonpans” Fergus, after a brief period helping Claire with “the women stuff” as he calls the work at the field hospital, sneak out into battle and kill a man and when he returns home he is clearly shocked by all of this but Claire is always there, ready to hug him. I felt sorry once again for him, but sadly I think children in that time were forced to become “real man” even before they knew what that really meant, it’s sad but it was pretty obvious for me that Fergus would not have had a simple life, even if he could count on the Fraser’s shield.

Dougal the “hero”.
Finally, Dougal played the hero and received and acknowledgment for what he did. He steps into the muddy  moor with his horse, facing the British army to “taste” the field and risks to be shot by the Brits.
The king, tells him how proud he is for what he’s done and so Dougal, finally, have his moment of glory… Before later on he’ll ruin everything with his thirst for blood.
In fact, after killing a soldier in cold blood and spearing every English soldier already dead on the field, he returns to the camp and with his anger forces Jamie to “save” his butt by exiling him.

The foolish Bonnie Prince Charles.
It’s not a news, we know already how this is going to end and if you know a bit of history you would also know that one of the main problems of the Highlanders’ defeat was at its head.
We’ve already seen how the Prince is not so clever as he thinks he is and in this episode, it was even more evident.

Jamie and Claire.
The very best bit of each episode I’ve seen of this show is when Jamie and Claire find themselves back.
I am sure, at this point, that every time will be a treat. They are sweet and witty, they make me cry and laugh and most of the time all in the same scene and I



And finally…
Angus Mohr death.It was horrid, heart breaking and sad. SO SAD.
I sensed it but I hoped it was only a bad feeling destined to disappear but when suddenly it was actually happening I was broken.
The scene with Rupert, the one when Angus was telling Rupert that he could have had his (half)whore if he died on the battlefield was the thing that gave it away in my opinion. But again I still hoped it was only a bad feeling. I loved Angus and he always made me laugh and he was and will be one of my favourite character on this show. He will be very missed.
The last scene, the one in which Rupert and the other guy sang to remember their friends, finally broke my heart.

What you think about this episode? I loved it and I can’t remember an Outlander episode that I didn’t enjoy so far. This show fastly became one of my favourite and a real treat at the end of the week.
Also, I am very sorry if something in this post was badly written but I was in the mood to write something in english too, so that more people can read the post and I will certainly appreciate every comment or opinion on the episode in comment section below.

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