Gilmore Girls BIG announcement this week!


Hello Gilmore Girls fans, I am back to bring you some news about our favourite Revival!

Scott Patterson last Thursday wrote this post on facebook and so, today we should get some news or some sort of announcemet from the Gilmore Girls Revival staff during the Gilmore Guys Podcast at 7.30 pst. We hope it’ll be a release date or something like that because, I can’t wait to know when I’ll be able to watch the new episodes and the wait is killing me!

On the Instagram accounts of Hunter Wenzel and Mitchell Gregorio, who will be Lane’s and Zack’s twins, the boys released new pics from the set.
The pics, where Alexis Bladel (Rory), Scott Patterson (Luke), Keiko Agena (Lane), Yanic Truesdale (Michelle) and the Palladinos appear, seems that they may be from the episode “Summer” as the boys and the rest of the cast (Patterson above all) wear swimsuits or other summery clothes.
Will Luke be somehow a lifeguard? Why is he wearing a lifeguard t-shirt?
We’ll surely be hearing some news very very soon, we need to wait a little bit for the news come.



mitchellgregorio: So fun learning the tricks of the trade from these pros!

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