EXCLUSIVE Warner Bros. working on Harley Quinn Movie!


Months ahead of the opening of Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. is already contemplating a spin-off for the DC Entertainment anti-heroine, Harley Quinn.

The Hollywood Reporter has just dropped the bomb! The HR adds also that Margot Robbie will be in it (obviously) playing Harley Quinn, but also as producer of the spin-off.
The project is not only a Quinn movie but will include other DC’s female heroes and villains (which could be Batgirl and Birds of Prey) even if Warner Bros. has not yet confirmed nor denied yet. It is already known that the writer is female (Women power!) but all the details are being kept secret.
This kind of film, comes along with an increasing number of female comics readers and recently an entirely DC’s Female Superheroes line has been introduced to the public. The characters in it include Quinn, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Katana (member of the Suicide Squad like HQ) and Bumblebee.
It is said that Robbie has pushed and has been keen on the idea of a film for her character and when she got the part for Suicide Squad,has read the comics in order to learn as much as possible on the character she was going to portray.
The character is very similar to Marvel’s Deadpool as “they both break the fourth wall and have nihilistic streaks, with their stories being wacky fun.”

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